Third edition of the exibition: “Women of another world” 2013

From April 18th to May 18th, 2013 – was shown the third edition of the exibition:

Women of another world

club Melabevo, Via Ghibellina 40 rosso, Florence

A journey to discover the feminine soul of Cuba

A journey through Cuba, seeking myself in the eyes of women so different from me and yet so alike: this gentle and pragmatic people told me, and still tells me through my pictures, of a calm resignation, of elegant joys and values that we Europeans have forgotten, overwhelmed by consumption and opulence. The talent of these women, their efficiency, their typical feminine creativity, their strength, their impetus are channeled into helping their families and society in spite of the economic difficulties which their country is facing. I wanted to discover how it is possible to live in such an enriched way while being poor, and identify  in myself a new, deep awareness as a woman.

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