The staff of “Sesamo” magazine, a journal for teachers of primary school,  asked me to take some photo shootings in some of the primary and nursery schools of Florence to  witness the integration of foreign children in Italian schools. Trying to show the children during their educational activities and games without distracting them too much and taking care that my presence did not alter in a marked way their expressiveness was fun and challenging at the same time. The shooting produced many  pictures full of emotion. Some were chosen for the covers of the magazine, while others were used to illustrate articles and pieces on similar topics in several issues of the magazine “La Vita Scolastica”, a journal for elementary school teachers , and of the magazine “Scuola dell’infanzia” , for  kindergarden teachers. Pictures from these shootings were also used to enrich school books and other books produced by Giunti Scuola (the section of Giunti Publishing group which produces didactic materials for Italian schools).

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